From attending Leeds College of Music at the age of 16 to graduating from the London College of Music at 21; Liza White has always had a passion for music, singing and performing.

It has taken many different persona’s over the years for her to finally feel comfortable in her own mind, body and soul. Nevertheless, now at 20 years of age, Liza is positive and certain about the direction of both her music and style and is prepared for them to evolve and change as she does.

As Liza White develops, her inspirations are pop artists such as Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, Halsey and Jorja Smith, which has now helped shape and reflect her music today. There are elements of stylish and stunning vocals, combined with lyrical, rhythmic and dynamic elements made for any mood.

As she prepares her first EP, Liza is committed to recording her songs in addition to writing them. “To begin my career I want to release music that is recorded live. I believe this way it will show off the talent and also emotion that is required for all my tracks”.

In the coming years, Liza White plans to release a studio album after further recognition.

In the months leading up to the release of her new music, Liza says she wants young people to feel like they are not alone with whatever situation life throws at them. “When someone wants comforting or to completely run away from the world for just a moment, I would like to think my music does that in one way or another”.